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I’m going to use this page to rat-out my siblings.  I love them all dearly, but they were less than kind to me when we were growing up (as is true of most siblings from time-to-time).

Below is the first “tattle” that I’ve published.  Check back for more because they will be coming.

L. S. O’Dea sees things a bit differently than most people. This is probably a bi-product of being the youngest of seven children in a time when TV was only worth watching in the evenings or Saturday mornings and there were no computers. Back then, kids had to amuse themselves and being five years younger than her closest sibling she was often the unwilling entertainment. Since she was so much younger than her brothers and sisters, it was only reasonable that they knew how to do many things that she could not, such as read and write. One day, before she started kindergarten, she really wanted to learn how to spell her name. Her mother was busy cooking or cleaning (she had seven children to care for), so her brothers were instructed to help their baby sister.

After she learned how to spell her first and middle name (Linda Sue), she raced into the kitchen to share this new knowledge with her mother. She was so proud, standing tall and reciting the letters of her name. L-E-M-O-N   H-E-A-D.

Her mother was not happy with her brothers and stopped what she was doing to teach Linda the correct way to spell her name. L. S. still receives a box of Lemonhead candy every year for Christmas.

I blame them (or perhaps thank them) for the twisted way that I see the world.  🙂


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  2. First of all, thankyou for the free books.
    I did get the first book, Escape, but when I try to download the 2nd book, secrets In Blood, this is not marked free. Unfortunately I am using Amazon to get all my books, and they are charging for it. I love to read; paranormal, mystery, fantasy, you name it, I will read it.
    I am sorry to write you about the 2nd book, but I am on disability, and my finances are miniscule. Thanks again, Pat chapman

    1. Hi Pat,

      Thanks for reaching out. I am offering the second book free if you want to join my Readers’ Group. I send out two emails a month with updates on my books and I often host giveaways (usually physical copies of my books but I may offer e-books that I won’t ever offer for free). I also tell everyone about a bunch of promos where other authors are giving away their books. I’m in some FB groups and I find out about a lot of these promotions. Anyway, I’m glad you got the first book and I hope you like it (if you do, please leave a review on Amazon. Reviews help me get more readers and they help me get accepted by advertisers). Below is the link where you can get Secrets In Blood free. All you have to do is click the link and then when the page comes up click the button. Another page will launch and then input your email address. You’ll be sent a link to Bookfunnel (an online program) and you’ll be able to download the book in whatever format you want. They also have great customer service in case you don’t know how to set it up on your e-reader. Their customer service is why I pay the little extra that they cost compared to other companies. Let me know if you have any issues with getting the book.

      Here’s the link.

      You can also just go to my website http://wwww.lsodea.com and click the Free Books tab.

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