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My old website was a Weebly site and as of today there is no way to import my old blog posts from Weebly to Word Press.  So, I’m going to post them here.

The dates will be off, but the content will be the same.






I have the most amazing parents.  I always knew that they loved me and my brothers and sisters, no matter what (and believe me there were a lot of “whats” with seven kids).  I knew my mother’s stepmother and my father’s parents.  I also knew that my mother’s stepmother was not a particularly nice person (I’m feeling generous today).  What I didn’t find out until my uncle’s funeral is what a terrible stepmother she really was.  She was mean and hateful and jealous of my mom because my mom looked just like her mother and her father adored his first wife.  It is unbelievable to me that a grown woman would be jealous of a child.  My mom was five when her mother died and ten when her father remarried.  How could this woman blame her for her father’s love?  If you are a stepmother and you are jealous of your husband’s children – just stop it.  Grow up.  I’m done with my rant – back to my post.My father’s mother was a kind and quiet woman but his father was an interesting guy (I am oozing with generosity today).  He took all the money that the kids earned when they were older and had jobs because it was his if they still lived at home.  This should give you an idea of what kind of man he was.  I needn’t drag out any more shameful stories.What truly amazes me is that both of my parents were wonderful and they didn’t have good role models.  Sure from 5-10 my mom’s aunt, who was kind and loving, raised her but from ten on it was the stepmother.  My dad’s mother was kind and gentle but she wasn’t the male role model.  This proves to me that you can be whatever type of person you choose.  You are responsible for your actions and your choices.  It isn’t because of where you grew up or who your parents are.  The early years are formative, but you can choose to act or not to act like your parents.  It is time that we all accept this.  There are too many people who blame their home, environment and parents for their life.  Once you are an adult, the cards are reshuffled and the game is now played by your choices.







Paper comes from trees.  Who was the first person to wipe his/her bum on a tree?  Leaves I can understand, but the tree – OUCH.  I know I can Google it, but I’d rather ponder the history of toilet paper.  Was it winter and there were no leaves or grasses? Was it a dare?  Or was it some long ago ancestor who would now make Darwin’s List?Another first is the practice of castrating a lamb’s balls off with teeth.  This is an actual job as shown on the TV show “Dirty Jobs”.  I understand that the quick removal of the balls is probably more humane and hurts less than banding, but who was the first man (please, it was not a woman) to use his teeth?  Had he lost his knife?  Was he having a werewolf moment?  Was he drunk (this factors in to most of my questions)?  Was it a dare? Probably a combination of the last two.

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I was reading some comments on Goodreads the other day. Someone was upset because he received bad reviews.  This writer seemed to believe that the reviewers were “out to get him”. Does that really happen?  I understand that no one wants bad reviews, but are you that important that someone deliberately sets out to sabotage you?  I’m not.  

I suppose in this day of hidden identity on the web it could happen.  However, from what I’ve seen in the comments section, it seems like it’s more the case of a reviewer giving an honest review (although a bad one) and the author being offended enough to verbally attack the reviewer.  

That makes me wonder if these authors ever took a writing class.  If they did, they didn’t take ones like I attended.  In a real classroom we handed out copies of our stories the day before our review.  On the day of the review, we would sit quietly while the entire class discussed our story.  We were not allowed to speak at all.  It was not always easy especially when the class wasn’t “getting” the story or the message.  However, it was enlightening because I learned to read and edit and attempt to make everything crystal clear but not obvious (that is a fine line to walk).  

I believe that the purpose of this exercise was twofold.  One an author cannot go to every person who reads her work and explain it.  It has to stand on its own.  Two, if you want to be an author, you better thicken your skin.  Not everyone is going to like your work.  Period.

Putting your book out there is like sending your child off to school.  You pray that everyone will always like your child, but you know that is not the way the world works.  I think we, as authors, need to remember that.  Everyone has a right to his or her opinion about your book even if you don’t like what they have to say.


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Thank you.


01/14/2016 12:45pm

Well somehow I got to read lots of articles on your blog. It’s amazing how interesting it is for me to visit you very often.


L. S. O’Dea
01/14/2016 6:19pm

Thanks, I’m glad you are enjoying it. I enjoy writing it. I just wish I could find time to update it more often. With my day job, marketing my books and writing my next book – along with keeping the house somewhat up and taking care of my critters — I don’t have as much time as I’d like to keep this website up-to-date. I’ll try harder. New Year’s resolution 🙂


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