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My old website was a Weebly site and as of today there is no way to import my old blog posts from Weebly to Word Press.  So, I’m going to post them here.

The dates will be off, but the content will be the same.





Several weeks ago, I was asked by a fellow author what Christmas means to me.  I’ve been pondering that question ever since. At first, I was sure that the meaning, the feeling of Christmas changed as I aged, but the more I thought about it and examined my memories of Christmases past, I realized that it had remained the same. When I was a child, Christmas was about the birth of Jesus, Santa, presents and family.  I remember playing with the stuffed Christmas elves and reindeer (think Elf on a Shelf).  I remember midnight mass with the lights and music.  The cold car seats of a December in Indiana.  The warm, full family breakfast at my aunt’s house and loads of presents.  As I reached my teen and college years Christmas was still about the birth of Jesus, presents, and family but that was in the background.  At the front of my priority list was the break from school and homework.  Going out with friends.  The hectic days and nights of working retail.  I remember the Christmas luncheon at K-mart on Christmas Eve.  The camaraderie with my co-workers.  The struggle to find gifts for my friends and family.  After college, Christmas was still about family, but this time the gifts were for the kids.  It was about making sure that they had a great day and doing the best that we could to keep the magic alive.  The joy and surprise in a child’s eye on Christmas morning is extraordinary, perhaps because it is so fleeting.Now, Christmas is still for the kids (another generation), family and the birth of Jesus.  After reading this you could say that the meaning of Christmas, for me, has shifted with every stage in my life and that I have I come full circle.  I have to disagree. I don’t think we ever come full circle.  To do that would imply that we’re on the same path as before.  Life is not cyclic by a spiral.  I have passed where I started, looking back at who I was.  I am no longer that child eagerly waiting for Santa nor the teen or young adult but I have vague memories of who I was.When I looked deeper than the surface memories of past Christmases into the feeling of the holiday I discovered they were really about comfort and peace.  Being accepted by those around you.  Being a part of something bigger.  Being safe.  Being loved. As a child I was loved and loved my family.  I was safe with them.  As a teen I loved my family and my friends.  I did what I could to make them all happy.  As a young guardian to children, I was trying to create a warm and safe home for the kids.  Now, as I sit in my living room, surrounded by the innocent animals who were abandoned and abused, I am content that I can offer them a home.  A place where they can sleep warm and safe.  Unafraid of hunger, loneliness and pain.  Content in the knowledge that whatever the next day will bring, it will not be bad.So, for me Christmas is a time of reflecting on the peace in your life.  The peace that you create and share with others.Merry Christmas to everyone.

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I’m excited to announce that my book, Lake of Sins: Secrets in Blood has received a 5-star review from Readers’ Favorite.

Here’s the link and the review.








This interview was written for my blog tour last October.  I’m not sure how many of my readers had followed the tour, so I’m going to post some of the interviews/blogs here.  Hope you like it.


Interviewer:  “Ah…hi, Mirra. Where’s Trinity?”

Mirra:  “Mirra come first. Cover scent.  Little One, Gaar-Mine come soon.”

Interviewer:  “Ah, uhm, that’s great.  Uhm, just great.”

Mirra:  “You ask Little One questions?”

Interviewer:  “Ah, yes.  She’s agreed to an interview.”

Mirra:  “What kind questions?”

Interviewer:  “Uhm, all kinds.”

Mirra:  “Nice questions?”

Interviewer:  “Yes, yes, of course.”

Mirra:  “You hurt Little One, Mirra kill you.”

Interviewer:  “No.  I won’t hurt Trinity.  I promise.”

Mirra:  “Mirra decide.  You ask Mirra question first.”

Interviewer:  “Ah, I think it would be better to wait for Trinity and Gaar.”

Mirra:  “No.  Ask Mirra questions now.”

Interviewer:  “Of course.  Hmmm.  Let’s see.  Ah, tell me a little about yourself?”

Mirra:  “What mean?  Mirra is Mirra.”

Interviewer:  “Of course, but if someone didn’t know you what would you want to tell them.  Something like…what’s it like being a Tracker?”

Mirra:  “That stupid question.  How Mirra describe.  Mirra is Tracker.  It all Mirra know.”

Interviewer:  “Okay.  It can be something else then, anything really.”

Mirra:  “Hmmm.  Mirra fast.  Mirra strong.  You come forest.  Mirra find you.  MIrra hunt you.  Mirra eat you.”

Interviewer:  “Great.  That’s certainly good to know.  Uhm, the next question.  Where were you born?”

Mirra:  “Stupid question.  In forest.”

Interviewer:  “Yes, of course.  Ah, what was it like growing up?”

Mirra:  “Good.  Mirra play.  Hunt.  Others like Mirra then.”

Interviewer:  “Do you miss the other Trackers?”

Mirra:  “Some.”

Interviewer:  “Just some?  You seem sad.”

Mirra:  “Mirra remember.  Mirra lonely.  Mirra find Gaar-Mine.  It better.  Mirra no lonely.”

Interviewer:  “Even with your family and friends you were lonely until you bonded with Gaar?”

Mirra:  “Yes.  Before Mirra find Gaar-Mine, Mirra [she taps her chest] empty here.  Hole in Mirra.”

Interviewer:  “Interesting.  Why do you think that is?”

Mirra:  “Stupid question.  Mirra no know.”

Interviewer:  “Okay, next question.  Do you think that you’ve turned out the way your parents expected?”

Mirra:  “Mirra parent want Mirra be good hunter.  Strong.  Fast.  Mirra all those things.”

Interviewer:  “What impression do you make on people when they first meet you?”

Mirra:  [she smiles]  “Mirra frighten them.”

Interviewer:  “How about after they’ve known you for a while?”

Mirra:  “They dead.  They dinner.  The no think.”

Interviewer:  “Ah, of course.  Shouldn’t Gaar and Trinity be here by now?”

Mirra:  “Ask Mirra [taps the paper with her long claw] questions.”

Interviewer:  “Yes, yes, of course.  What are you most proud of about your life?”

Mirra:  “Mirra fast and quiet.  Prey no see no hear Mirra until too late.”

Interviewer:  [glances around]  “Yes, that is something to be proud of. What are you most ashamed of in your life?”

Mirra:  “Mirra no ashamed.”

Interviewer:  “There’s nothing you’ve done that you are sad about?”

Mirra:  “Mirra pets die.  Mirra sad.  Mirra no mean hurt, but they die. Not Little One.  Little One live.  Mirra protect.”

Interviewer:  “Yes, and I wouldn’t dream of hurting her either. Remember that.  What are you afraid of?”

Mirra:  “Mirra no fear anything.”

Interviewr:  “Nothing.  Not growing old.  Getting sick.”

Mirra:  “No.  Mirra want baby.  Mirra get old.  Mirra no have baby.”

Interviewer:  “So you fear getting old and not being able to have offspring?”

Mirra:  “Mirra no fear.”

Interviewer:  “Okay, okay.  Let’s move on.  What would your ideal mate be like?”

Mirra:  “That question no nice.  Mirra only Tracker.  Little One says more Trackers.  Mirra no see them yet.  No Trackers.  No mate for Mirra.”

Interviewer:  “Sorry, sorry.  These questions were meant for Trinity, not you.  Sorry.  Let’s skip this one.  What do you believe about Araldo and what do you suppose he thinks of you?”

Mirra:  “Araldo Almighty god, no Mirra god.”

Interviewer:  “Who is your god?”

Mirra:  “Forest, trees, air, water.  They give Mirra food, drink, shelter.”

Interviewer:  “What does this…nature god think of you?”

Mirra:  “Forest know Mirra strong.  Mirra fast.  Forest help Mirra until Mirra no strong, no fast.  Then forest kill Mirra.”

Interviewer:  “That’s a harsh god by any standards.”

Mirra:  “That truth.”

Interviewer:  “How do you feel about your life right now and what about it would you like to change?”


Mirra:  “Mirra life is Mirra life.  No can change what is.”


Interviewer:  “But if you could?”


Mirra:  “Stupid question, but…Mirra want baby.  Mirra bring back Trackers.”  [turns]  “Gaar-Mine.  Little One.  You here.”


Interviewer:  [whispers] “Thank Araldo”


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I am not a person prone to strong feelings.  I used to get upset more often but then I started to ask myself, “Will this bother me when I am in my deathbed?”  Generally, the answer is no.  The squabbling of family and co-workers really is nothing more than a momentary squawk and I refuse to get upset about that stuff. This article, however, will irritate me for a  very long time, perhaps until the end.Let me sidestep here to say that sometimes, people do have to take their dog, puppy, pet back to the shelter, rescue, etc.  There are a few (in my opinion) valid reasons for this, such as someone becomes allergic, someone becomes too sick to care for the pet, or someone dies (there may be a few others but none come to mind).Now, let me get back to the article.  It is well written and has some valid points, but the fact that these people adopted (bought from a breeder actually, which in my opinion tells a lot about a person) a puppy, got rid of it because it upset their lives and believe that they taught their daughter a valuable life lesson blows my mind.  First, what did these people expect?  They adopted a baby.  Of course it was going to upset their lives.  They seemed to think that just because this puppy was the same breed as their dog who had just passed, it would be the same.  Well, let me tell you something—EVERY animal is different.  They each have their own personalities and temperament.  The author does state this but still, she obviously had somehow imagined that the puppy would behave like their old dog (I’m trying to be a kinder person so I will not write what I think of that mentality).This idea that you can introduce a puppy, kitten, or pet of any kind into your life and not expect some long days and nights is foolish.  This same stupid belief is often shown on television and that makes me angry too.  For example, on Friends (I know this is an old show, but I don’t watch much TV anymore) when Rachel had her baby, it did not affect her life at all.  She still went to work, hung out with her friends at the coffee shop, etc.  Why are we surprised when teens get pregnant and think that nothing is going to change?The second thing that makes me angry with this article is that not once did they consider the puppy’s feelings.  They crated it at night.  I know a lot of people do that, but think about it.  You have just adopted a social animal.  A baby who is used to snuggling with her siblings and you stick her in a crate alone.  Of course she is going to cry.  She is alone and her instincts scream that it is dangerous.  Have a little consideration.  They also never mentioned thinking about how the puppy would feel when it went back to the breeder.  Well, let me tell you that dogs get depressed after being returned to the shelter, pound or even the breeder. They bond with their new family, their new pack and they are basically kicked out.  In the wild, this would almost certainly mean death.Finally, the thing that pissed me off most is the tone of the article. Although the author did not take this decision lightly, she sounds to me like she feels that this situation has taught her daughter a valuable lesson.  I quote here:“The hardest thing to do in a family is to have the critical conversations,” Taylor-Klaus says. “Your daughter needs to know how hard it was for you and to see that everything in life is not all idyllic.”So, that’s the lesson that you think you taught your daughter? That everything in life is not all idyllic.  I don’t believe that is the lesson she will take from this.  I believe that what she will learn is that if something or someone is too difficult, then you remove them from your life.  Too many people feel this way in our society today.  There is no true commitment.  If the job is hard, quit.  You can find another.  If marriage is not all poems and roses, then end it.  The family in this article made a commitment when they adopted that puppy and in my opinion, they should have seen it through.  They might have had to rearrange their lives a bit but in the end, the puppy would have grown up and the messes and crying would have ceased.  That is the real lesson that should have been taught because life never, NEVER, turns out as you expected and you need to be flexible.  When you do adapt to new people and things in your life, you are usually better off.

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One Autographed Copy.


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I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY on Goodreads starting this Monday, December 7, 2015. I will be giving away two AUTOGRAPHED copies of Conguise Chronicles: Rise of the River Man. Enter to win and good luck.


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