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My old website was a Weebly site and as of today there is no way to import my old blog posts from Weebly to Word Press.  So, I’m going to post them here.

The dates will be off, but the content will be the same.





I’m running an ad campaign on BookDaily, so I’ve been spending a bit more time there than usual.  Since, with the ad, I am now and “emerging author”, I was taking a look at some of the other books in all the genres.  I saw one that interested me so I clicked on it to read more about it.

The description was short, but still, I thought it might be something that I’d like to read, so I clicked on the button for the Kindle edition.  The Amazon web page launched and the price for the Kindle edition is $6.99.  What is this author thinking?  Does he/she not want to sell many books?  I wouldn’t pay $6.99 for a Kindle version of a book by George R. R. Martin or J. K. Rowlings let alone some unknown author.

You could say that maybe this author just wants the book out there, but then why is he/she advertising it on BookDaily? The advertising there is not cheap.

When I first launched my book, I was coaxed into the $2.99 price so that I could earn 70% of the profits instead of 30% (my books are in the KDP program), but I realized that I wasn’t selling anything.  Sure, a few friends forked over the three bucks but that was it.  So, I’ve lowered the price to 99 cents and have been selling a few.

Now, it is not my business what others price their book(s) but I have to wonder how they think they are going to sell any at the higher prices.  The book may be wonderful but who’s going to give it a chance for seven dollars?

I am going to contact BookDaily and suggest that they show the price on the mouse-over because I wouldn’t even go to the website to read the excerpt for a book priced that high.  Now, I know that will make BookDaily’s stats look worse (CTR), however, as a reader, I am not going to use BookDaily too often if I take the time to read the excerpt (sample chapter) and then when I go to Amazon the book is priced too high (for me).  This could be why BookDaily is not one of the top promoters at least according to us authors.  Browse any of the author forums and you’ll see that 99% of the comments state that BookDaily does not deliver in sales.  This could be why.  As a reader, I don’t want to become interested in a book just to not buy it because it is priced way too high.

I’d love to hear what anyone else thinks on the matter.

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