New Web Site


Hey Everyone,

Here’s my new WordPress website.  Let me know what you think.   Also, VERY IMPORTANT — for a limited time you can get the first two books in the Lake of Sins Series for FREE!!!

Book 1: Escape is available for FREE on all the major ebook retailers.

Book 2: Secrets In Blood is available for FREE through my website.   Just click the button below the image of the book on the FREE BOOK page.

If you already have the two books, you can still click the button for your free copy of Secrets In Blood because then you’ll join the Lake of Sins Reader Group.  I’ll be offering exclusive give-aways and bonuses to folks in this group.

Also, I’ve added share buttons and follow me buttons.  Please use them to let others know about the free books.

Finally, the email provider I’m using insists on having you confirm that you want to join the reader group, so don’t forget to go to your email account and click the link confirming that you want to join this group.


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