Mirra (5)


Mirra is the last of the Trackers.  The others of her kind were exterminated.

Trackers are supreme predators who work in tandem with Handlers.  Trackers can track, hunt and locate anything.  They are lethal and yet loyal to those they love.

Handler and Trackers are different species, yet they form a bond stronger than a mated pair.

Mirra lives in the forest with Gaar-Mine, her Handler.  They have wandered the woods for years, the last of their kind.

You can read more about Mirra in Lake of Sins: Escape and Lake of Sins: Secrets In Blood.

Note: All information about the character displayed here comes from the introduction of the character.  Things about each creature may change, but I won’t list that here if it might spoil the story.





Here’s the first drawing that I had done.  The artist actually painted a picture and then took photos of it.  It’s dark and hard to see online. There are some aspects that I like better in this one than the newest one above.  Like I said on the other page, I’m not happy with my Mirra drawings yet, but I haven’t given up.


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