lizardRiver-men live in the water.  Although they can breathe air and move on land, they are more vulnerable out of the water.  They, generally, live in family groups.  They hunt at the water’s edge, snatching prey that comes near to drink.  They will also eat fish.

They have flippered feet and hands and scaly skin.  They are usually a gray or silver with some green and blue to help blend in with their environment.  They are completely hairless and have four gills on each side of their chest.  Their eye color varies from brown, black to vibrant.

They have voracious appetites and prefer their food a little rotten.  They like to tangle it up in the river grass for a few days before feeding.

Above is an image of Christian.  He is a large adult, male River-Man.  Most are smaller, more slender than him.  He haunts the Lake of Sins and is helped by Trinity in Lake of Sins: Escape.

You can also read more about him and Trinity in Lake of Sins: Secrets In Blood and find out exactly how he became a River-Man in Conguise Chronicles: Rise of the River Man (Mutter’s Story).

Note: All information about the character displayed here comes from the introduction of the character.  Things about each creature may change, but I won’t list that here if it might spoil the story.

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