Producers are large and strong.  The males average around eight feet tall and the females are around six feet tall.  They have brown hair (varying shades) and large, brown eyes.  They are generally passive beings who work long hours in the fields.  Producers produce all the food eaten by the other classes.

They live in encampments which are owned by Almightys.  The fence is there to keep the Producers safe from the creatures in the forest.

Every year after harvest, the teenage Producers are either chosen to stay and breed or are removed from the camps.  Only the finest examples of Producers are chosen to breed.  The males are always the largest and strongest and the females have wide hips and big breasts.

You can meet some Producers and Trinity (who is not a good sample of a perfect Producer) in Lake of Sins: Escape and in Lake of Sins: Secrets In Blood.

Note: All information about the character displayed here comes from the introduction of the character.  Things about each creature may change, but I won’t list that here if it might spoil the story.

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