House Servants

Tim color


House Servants are owned by the Almightys and used to run their masters’ businesses and homes.  They are well organized and stealthy.  They can be snarky and devious.

They are about five feet tall and slender in build.  Their hair and eye color vary but their eyes are always a vibrant hue.  They have delicate features which can be deceiving because all House Servants have large canine teeth and sharp claws (unless they are removed by their masters). They are also fast, very fast.

Their sense of smell, hearing and night vision is superior to most Guards.

They have a tendency to stare without blinking which creeps out many of those from the other classes

This is a picture of Timothy (Tim to his friends).  He belongs to Sarah Truent and is Trinity’s father.  He is mentioned in Lake of Sins: Escape, but you don’t meet him until book two, Lake of Sins: Secrets In Blood.

Note: All information about the character displayed here comes from the introduction of the character.  Things about each creature may change, but I won’t list that here if it might spoil the story.

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