Guards are owned by Almightys.  They are used for either protection or hunting.  If the Guard is used for hunting, they tend to be long and rangy, bred for speed and endurance.  If the Guard is used for protection, they are muscular and fight well.  Over the years, hunting and protection Guards have bred creating Guards that have a mix of characteristics.

Most male Guards wear facial hair and all Guards have a soft coating of hair covering their bodies.  They have a heightened sense of smell and hearing and can see well in the dark.  They also have large canine teeth.

Guards are loyal to Almightys, however, when mistreated, many flee their homes.  Unwanted Guards live on the streets.  Guards are not allowed to wander the streets without papers from their owners.  If they are caught without the proper documentation, they are taken to a local Guard’s Shelter.  Once there, if they do not find a home they are executed.

This is a picture of Buddy.  He belongs to Hugh Truent and he is Hugh’s oldest and most trusted Guard.

You can meet Buddy in Lake of Sins: Secrets In Blood.

You can get to know Jackson (another Guard) in Lake of Sins: Escape and Lake of Sins: Secrets In Blood.

You can also read about another Guard (I don’t have his picture created yet), Mutter, in Conguise Chronicles: Rise of the River Man (Mutter’s Story).

Note: All information about the character displayed here comes from the introduction of the character.  Things about each creature may change, but I won’t list that here if it might spoil the story.

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