Anything Can Happen In Six Nights of Sexual Fantasies - Even Falling In Love.

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  Book One: Interviewing For Her Lover

Sarah wants a lover for six nights. Six nights of fantasy—his and hers. Six nights of sex and then they’re done. Simple, uncomplicated and fun, but she doesn’t count on Nick’s ability to make her desire everything he has to offer and more.

 Book Two:  Taking Control

Sarah and Nick have had their first night together and it was HOT!  At least, Sarah thought so, but she’s not sure Nick felt that way when she gets a call from Ethan saying Nick wants to cancel the contract.
Nick is furious that Sarah left and he’s done letting her have her way.  She’ll either bend to his demands or their agreement is over.

The Voyeur

When Patrick stumbles across a maid at La Petite Morte Club watching a couple have sex, he can’t keep his hands off her. She’s cute, sexy and kinky – just the way he likes his women.
Until he discovers that she’s the younger sister of one of his best friends which means she’s in the “hands off” department.
Annie is tired of guys staying away from her because of her overprotective brother. She’s determined to convince Patrick that she should not be off limits and that his hands should definitely be all over her body.
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