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Posts From Old Website – October 2015

My old website was a Weebly site and as of today there is no way to import my old blog posts from Weebly to Word Press.  So, I’m going to post them here.

The dates will be off, but the content will be the same.

Now, this episode is the reason why I still watch this show.  Last week’s episode was good but this one was a lot better.  There was plenty of action (purposeful action and not action for action’s sake) and tension.  I found myself checking the time on the DVR to see how much I still had left and not because I was bored but because I wanted to see more and more.

If you haven’t watched, then stop reading for there are spoilers coming.

Now, there were still a few plot holes (most the same ones that appear in other episodes). For example, why do some walkers make so much hissing/groaning noise that you could hear them a mile away while others (when it is convenient to the plot) are like stealth ninja walkers?  The one guy who also had a wife back home, was attacked from the stealth ninja walker.  I really wish that the writers/producers would give us a reason for this or have one of the characters mention it.  Kind of like the — they come back from the dead in a minute or it could take hours.  That rule is broad, very broad, but they set that rule up so we live with it.  

I love that they split the team up.  I knew either Michone or Glenn was going to get it (well, I was pretty sure) because they split the main characters up.  So, for me that added a lot of tension.  Even the end, with Rick in the RV and it not starting, I’m not really worried because I don’t think that they are going to kill Rick off (I could be wrong, but that would cause a real hit in the ratings). Andy Lincoln makes this show.  

Now, a lesson for all of us if we end up in a zombie apocalypse (or any kind of survival situation).  Always have one person who has your back and whose back you have.  Glenn’s mistake was leaving with Nicholas.  He said in Season One that he is better off alone on these missions.  He forgot that while traveling with competent people.  He would have been better off leaving Nicholas with Michone.  I love the Glenn character but his humanity was his fatal flaw. He kept giving Nicholas chances – too many.  I mean, Nicholas led him and the group the wrong way through that town at every turn.  Why was Glenn still asking him which way to go?  At this point, Glenn should have trusted his instincts.  Plus, like I said, always, always have someone with you who has your back.

We’ll miss you Glenn (although there are rumors that he isn’t dead – if that’s true then they are really stretching their boundaries and not in a good way).

I have to say it.  I’m nothing if not fair. I really enjoyed this episode of the Walking Dead.  This is the first time that I’ve truly liked an episode without “Rick”.  Those shows with Andrea and the Governor – yuck!

Anyway, I thought there was tension and violence. It was good.  Still not sure about the opening scene with that girl. That was little odd, but I will assume that the writers are going to explain all that.  I am a bit confused because I swore when she told Carl about her life she mentioned a mom but not a dad (I could be wrong). Anyway, I’m not curious enough to go back and research (maybe later).

Again, it was a good episode and I have a slight hope that this week’s will be good too. 

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I was anticipating being disappointed in the season opener of the Walking Dead.  They did not let me down.  The episode was not very good, but it wasn’t terrible and lately that’s the best that I can say about the Walking Dead.

I still love the world and Andy Lincoln is a very good actor, but the show is just not hitting the marks.  More zombies (and I don’t think they could give us more than they did in this episode) does not make the show good, just like eating a lot of crappy candy does not make it taste better.

There are some basic rules of writing fiction (I’m going to discuss one of them, but Google will give you the rest if you’re curious). There are a few writers (Elmore Leonard comes to mind) who break all the rules and write fabulous stories.  For those of us who are not Elmore Leonard, FOLLOW THE RULES.

One of those rules is to NEVER use flashbacks.  I think that rule is a little all inclusive.  I’m okay with a flashback or maybe two if it truly adds to the story.  However, an entire episode that is at least half flashbacks is way too much.  Flashbacks pull the reader/viewer out of the story.  It breaks the pace and the tension.  Ninety percent of the flashbacks in Episode One were a waste of time.  

The funny thing about writing is that the best rule, the one that is always true is:  If it works, it works.  Memento was a movie told in flashbacks and it worked.  Season six, Episode 1 of the Walking Dead, did not.  I found this episode long and boring.  I kept checking the timer to see how much more until it was over. I used to look forward to watching the show.  Now, I only watch it so I can discuss it with friends (our discussions are never (any longer) complimentary toward the show).

I still hope it will get better or at least deliver those few moments of brilliance that I have seen in the past.  If it doesn’t, this may be my last year for the Walking Dead.  Maybe, I’ll start calling it the Watching Dead.  Just like it is only a matter of time before the characters die, it is only a matter of time before I quit watching and am dead to the show.

Week 1 of the blog tour is over and it was a lot of fun.  Here’s the schedule for week 2.  I’ll update the links if/when I get ones directly to my page on the blog.  Hope to talk to you all there.


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I went to LA Fitness to cancel my personal training sessions.  I signed up last November and have only gone once.

 The girl behind the counter said, “Your contract ends October 24th You have 24 unused sessions.”

 I had already discussed with someone last weekend what happens to my unused sessions if I cancel vs terminate my contract.  I said, “I know but I still lose the sessions either way.”

 She said, “Well, if you fulfill the contract for the year you can still use your unused sessions for 30 more days.”

 I understand that she’s doing her job, but please…

I said, “Lets’ be real here.  I haven’t used a session in eleven months.  Do you really think I’m going to use 24 in thirty days?”

This is posted on my home page of my website, but I know a few people who only read the blogs that are emailed to them.  So, this is for them.  
I will also post updates when I find out what, if any, the hosts are going to show.  For example, I didn’t find out until today that one of the hosts posted an interview with Hugh Truent.   Yesterday, I found out that one posted a blog that I had written.  

Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that some of the hosts will be posting interviews/blogs but I don’t know which ones they chose until I go to their page on the day of the tour.

If you missed a stop, the information is still online so you can go and read the blogs/interview(s).

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As with the other episodes, this one was okay.  

The good points:

We finally got to see a lot of zombies and my question of where was the arena located was answered.  It was outside of the neighborhood fence but still in the area.

There were some tense moments.  Truthfully, I can’t remember exactly when, probably because I still don’t really care for any of the characters.

I do like the Strand character and can’t wait to get to know him better.  He is one smooth, cool guy.

The bad points (or maybe, I should say weak points)

We got a lot of zombies.  A lot of zombies are fun to watch.  Face it, that’s why we tune in to the show.  However, when there are a lot of zombies you lose the tension of that one or two coming toward unsuspecting people.  Also, this was not tense for me because, like I’ve said many times, I don’t care for the characters so I don’t fear for them.

Why were the zombies pushing at the arena’s doors?  In the one scene, there was no one near the doors.  According to other episodes (The Walking Dead) the walkers just meander until they see or smell or hear something.  We saw this first hand in Hershel’s barn.  The walkers did not try to push out unless someone came near the door.  Please, I’m begging the writers. Make rules and stick with them.  

I find it hard to believe that Maddie did not warn a few of her neighbors.  Right now, I live in the country but I have lived in suburbs.  I was only friends with one neighbor, but I still would have knocked on a couple of doors and said, “Look, the army has abandoned us.  Not because it is safe but because it is not safe. We’re leaving.  I suggest that you do the same.”  That’s it.  It would have taken a few minutes.  If the neighbor’s didn’t believe you, oh well, you tried.  This was especially problematic to me because Maddie thought about telling the neighbors but listened to Ophelia instead.  Come on.  Maddie is a realist.  Ophelia’s comment to forget about the neighbors because they didn’t help them was stupid.  Why would the neighbors be expected to help when the army (the authority) was taking a sick old lady, to help her, and a drug addict?  The neighbors would have known that Nick has issues with drugs.  It wouldn’t be a secret.

For the next point, let me be clear, I have never been tortured (fortunately).  However, Adams was set free in a world gone to hell.  He knows what is out there.  Even if he didn’t have any family, he would be close to some of the soldiers.  He made it back to the compound.  Wouldn’t he have tried to escape with the soldiers?  I find it hard to believe that he was that set on revenge.  The purpose of this scene was to show us that Travis isn’t always a nice guy.  They could have done that in another more believable way.

The last thing that I found unbelievable about the show is Eliza wanting to be killed.  Sure, she was bitten.  Sure, she saw what happens to those who are bitten.  Sure, she doesn’t want to hurt her son or, probably, anyone.  However, she also knows that she has to die first.  They are safe in a home.  She isn’t a liability to the team.  I find it almost impossible to believe that she wouldn’t want to at least wait to see if she got sick.  She could be immune.  Some people are immune to different diseases.  Even if she was going to get sick, she could use her last few days/hours to talk to her son.  I would have had no issue with her telling Maddie that she had been bitten and that Maddie needed to shoot her as soon as she died.  I would even have been okay with her wanting to die later when she was sick like Jim in The Walking Dead or Alicia’s boyfriend in this show.  Once Eliza was in that much pain and knew she was not going to make it, then she should have asked them to kill her.

In general, the show is okay but pretty weak.  I’ll watch it next year, more because it gives me something to talk to a few friends about than because I enjoy the show.

Next week is The Walking Dead I’m sure to be disappointed. This show went from really, really good to good and then settled the last few years at okay with some truly good moments.  I have little hope that this year will be any different than last year.

All-in-all, I don’t have much to say about this episode.  It was good, not great, but good.  I enjoyed that Daniel was the torturer in his country.  I didn’t see that one coming, but it made sense.  I also liked the fact that they are attempting to tie things together. For example: Susan’s suicide note led Maddie to Daniel and his prisoner.  I’m still not sure why Daniel and his daughter took Adams to that house (a little coincidental for me, but I’m okay with it).  

I also like that Maddie is one hard woman.  To let Daniel torture Adams is not something that I think most of us could do, even for information on our son.  She still doesn’t understand that Nick is in real danger, but then again, maybe she does.

I did find it weak that Eliza, who hasn’t seen anyone turn, was willing to pop Griselda in the head.  Sure the lady was dead, but how many of us would (truly) shoot a corpse in the head, especially one we knew?  

I also am not sure what Chris and Alicia in the “rich” people’s house was supposed to show us, but I am starting to have some faith that this show, these writers, will explain it all at some point.

My one big question is:  Where is the arena?  Is it outside the safe zone or inside?  If it is inside, what was the army thinking?

Oh well, I guess we’ll find out soon.

There isn’t much to say about this episode.  It did its job moving the story along in a somewhat entertaining fashion.  I did like that it added some tension in the group (Eliza and Maddie) and that it separated the cast so now we will get to see the hospital which looks like a much more interesting place than the soldier-locked-down neighborhood.

Now, let me tell you some of the parts that I did not like, mainly due to sloppy story-telling.

I understand that these characters do not fully realize what is going on, but why would Maddie leave the neighborhood without some sort of weapon?  I don’t walk in the woods of my property without a bat (not that it will do any good if I meet a pig or bear but it makes me feel better).  She should have had something even if it were a small kitchen knife – something.

Why did Hector’s wife (the sick man that Eliza was treating and whose morphine Nick was stealing) get to go with her husband to the hospital, but Daniel did not get to go with his wife?  That makes no sense.  There was plenty of room on the large, military vehicle.  They should have showed us Hector’s wife crying to Eliza that she wasn’t able to go or she should have been sick too.  Something –just give us some logical reason for the things that happen in the story.

I’m glad that they explained the reason for the empty pill bottle at Susan’s house although the entire situation (empty pill bottle, dead-Susan, etc) was set up so we’d get to hear Susan’s suicide note (which wasn’t that interesting).  As a writer, if you have to go to that great of a length to get few words into a story then you don’t need them.  

Finally, why did Eliza have to go with the doctor right that minute?  The doctor had told her that the hospital was close, only fifteen minutes away, and yet, Eliza had to leave right then.  Her character appears to be a good mother, so wouldn’t any good mother (or even decent mother) have at least said, “Give me five minutes to talk to my son.”  If the doctor had refused, then Eliza’s answer should have been, “Then I’ll take the next truck and see you in a day or so.”  I understand that they did this  for effect, but without the logic, it doesn’t work (at least not for me).

 All-in-all, I’m still going to watch the show.  It’s okay and that is better than a lot of stuff on television.  Plus, I really do love the world.  I think that’s what keeps me tuning in.  The major flaw with this show, for me, is not even the bad writing, but the fact that I don’t care about the characters.  At least with the Walking Dead, I really feel a connection to Rick.  I feel nothing for the characters on Fear.  I’d have to say that I like Daniel the best and he is a secondary character.

I’m not the only one who feels this way.  A friend’s kids have already stopped watching this show.  The writers/producers need to do something before next season or this may be a short-lived spin-off.

Posts From Old Website – August 2015

My old website was a Weebly site and as of today there is no way to import my old blog posts from Weebly to Word Press.  So, I’m going to post them here.

The dates will be off, but the content will be the same.





My newest book, Conguise Chronicles: The Rise Of The River-Man (Mutter’s Story) is now available for pre-order on Amazon for 99 cents (click the book cover to order it now).  This is a novella about the River-Man who Trinity named Christian.Here’s the book description: Some monsters are born; others are made.  Mutter was sure that his pending execution at the Guards’ Shelter was the worst thing that could happen to him, but that was before he met Professor Conguise.  Now, he is living in a laboratory and the Almightys are giving him shots. He fears that they are attempting to mutate him into some kind of monster like those in the other cages. The creatures in the other cages are unnatural. Things that he can’t believe exist. Things that shouldn’t exist and if he doesn’t escape, soon he will become one of them. Since it is only available for pre-order, Amazon does not let you read any of the chapters.  I’m going to post the Introduction and chapter 1, so you can take a look.  I’ve also posted the back cover.  I think a lot of you will find the author bio and drawing amusing.

Introduction:The world of the Lake of SinsThis story takes place hundreds of years after the Great Death visited the earth, killing most humans, all domestic animals and all wild animals larger than a turkey.  Those who survived were left with the task of rebuilding society.  The new social structure on earth is now based on a class system.  The classes important to this story are detailed below.The Almightys rule all of the other classes.  They are the only direct descendants of the human race.  They are generally between five and six feet tall with dark hair and pale, hairless, white skin.  The Guards belong to the Almightys and are used for hunting or protection.  They vary in size and hair color.  Their eyes are usually brown and the males generally wear facial hair.  Both males and females have a light coating of hair on their bodies. They have large canine teeth used for biting and tearing.  They are strong, fast and heal quickly.  Their senses of hearing, smell and nighttime vision is superior to Almightys.   The House Servants also belong to the Almightys but their role in this society is to manage the households and businesses of the Almightys.  They are slender in build and short, between four and five feet tall.  They also have a light coating of hair covering their bodies.  The males are usually clean shaven.  They are all born with fangs and claws, although their claws are often removed by their masters.  Their eyes are usually a vibrant hue and their senses of night vision, hearing and smell is superior to the Guards’.  Stray or unwanted Guards and House Servants are taken to the local shelters and are executed if not adopted.Mutter is a Guard who is no longer wanted.  He waits to be executed.  This is his story. CHAPTER 1Mutter was in trouble.  No one would want a Guard like him. Even with keeping his beard neat and trim, he was too big and too strong and too ugly.  He stretched out on the concrete floor and winced.  He definitely had some broken ribs, but he’d fought and won with broken bones in the past.  He started coughing.  It was this sickness that had cost him the match.  He sat up; the coughing subsided.  He’d pleaded with Vickers, his Almighty master, not to make him fight but the money had already switched hands.  He leaned his head against the bars of the cage.  He’d lost the fight and now he’d lose his life.  Vickers did not give second chances. The door opened and a male Almighty around thirty years old with blond hair entered the room followed by Satcha, the House Servant who ran this establishment.  The Guards’ Shelter didn’t allow visiting at this hour but Almightys did whatever they wanted.  He didn’t even bother to stand up like the others.  No one wanted him.  It was a bit embarrassing, but he’d tried to find a new home his first few days here.  He’d run to the front of the cage and had smiled at the Almightys.  He’d smelled the fear on them as they’d passed.  Most tried not to look at him, but he was big and scarred and hard to ignore.They stopped in front of his cage.“Ableson, this is the one I told you about,” said Satcha.  “Looks like he was a fighter, so he should be used to obeying.  He does have a bad cough, but I thought he might work for you.”The Almighty stared at him but remained quiet, blue eyes sizing him up.“Come here,” said Satcha.Mutter wanted to stay where he was to annoy the Servant but Guards like him didn’t get many chances for a home.  He stood slowly, letting the Almighty get used to his size and appearance.“How old are you?” asked Ableson.“Not sure.  Been around for a while but not too old.”  That was the safe answer.  He had counted nineteen winters but that might be too old or too young.  He never could tell what an Almighty wanted.“By his teeth and body we estimate around twenty-five to thirty years,” said Satcha.Ableson twirled his finger.  Mutter understood that signal.  Before the fights started, when the betting happened, he was often sized up by the gamblers.  He turned in a circle, slowly, giving the Almighty time to study him.  “I’m strong and healthy.”  That was a lie but he would be healthy again.  He just needed a little time and food.“Does have that cough, that I mentioned.”  Satcha sent him a glare.“Just a little.  From this damp, rotten place.”  He hated Servants. They didn’t know when to keep their big mouths shut.“I need an obedient Guard.”  The Almighty’s eyes roamed up and down his frame.  “Won’t find one more obedient than me.”“Let’s see if that’s true.”  Ableson walked down the aisle.  “Is there another Guard who he’s close to?”“Him?”  Satcha laughed, following the Almighty.  “He’s so big and ugly even the other Guards stay away from him.”Ableson stopped in the hallway.  “Take this one out.”The Servant opened the cage and slipped a rope over a young Guard’s neck.  Mutter’s chest pinched.  Typical.  The Almighty’s always chose the young ones.  His only chance was gone.  They would walk out and soon he’d be executed.  He started to sit back down, when the three of them stopped in front of his cage.  “Put her in with him,” said Ableson.“Ah, we keep the younger ones separate from the older ones, especially the older males,” said Satcha.The Almighty didn’t say a word, but his look was enough.  The Servant muttered an apology and opened the door shoving the young Guard into Mutter’s cage.  He glanced at the little Guard who stood as far away from him as possible.  She couldn’t have been older than nine.  She had russet hair and large, frightened, brown eyes.“Hit her,” said Ableson, his tone conversational.“Wait,” said Satcha.  “That one’s young and attractive.  I can find a home for her.  Let me get—”“I’ll pay for both.”  The Almighty’s eyes never left Mutter.  “Now, beat her.”Mutter kept his face a mask but his stomach clenched.  He didn’t want to do this.  He’d fought females before but they were all older, experienced fighters.  This wouldn’t even be a fight.  “I need an obedient Guard,” reminded Ableson.The girl trembled in the corner, tears streaming down her soft, round cheeks.  “Please, don’t hurt me.”Pleading didn’t do any good.  It didn’t change anyone’s mind.  He knew the game and it would be her or him.  He stared into the girl’s scared brown eyes.  “Bruised, broken or dead?”  “Just hit her.  I’ll tell you when to stop.”Mutter stepped forward.  The girl curled in a ball on the floor, pleading and crying.  He grabbed her by the shirt.  She weighed next to nothing, all skin and bones.  He punched her in the gut, making the blow look harder than it was, but the girl was so small she gasped and coughed.  He hesitated, waiting for the Almighty to stop this, but no words came.  He hit her again.  She yelped in pain.  He shifted his stance, stalling again and praying for the words that would allow him to quit, but the only sounds were the yells of the other Guards in the nearby cages.  Most screamed for him to stop but some cheered him on.  If the Almighty wouldn’t end this, he would.  His next punch caught her upside the head, knocking her out.  He let her slide to the floor.He walked toward the Almighty.“I didn’t say stop.”  Ableson’s blue eyes challenged him.He stared at the girl on the floor.  Only in the roughest fights, those to the end, did they hit opponents when they were down.“Forget it.  He won’t work.”  Ableson turned and headed for the door.His only chance was leaving.  He’d be dead tomorrow if that Almighty walked out the door.  The girl’s tiny frame was about the size of his arm.  She was still breathing.  “Wait.”Ableson walked back to the cage, a smug smile on his face. “Obey or I leave.  This is your only warning.”He nodded.  His heart thudded as each footstep moved him closer to the little female.  The other Guards had fallen silent.  He grasped her by the back of the shirt again.  Her head lolled to the side, her eyes closed.  His supper churned in his stomach.  He stared at the tears on her cheeks as he punched her over and over, trying to hit non-vital parts but it was difficult.  She was tiny and his fits were big.“Enough,” called the Almighty.  He lowered her to the floor.  Her breath was ragged as blood trickled from her lips.  His eyes burned, but no wetness came. He hadn’t cried since he’d lost his mother.  It didn’t do any good. He wiped the girl’s blood on his shirt as he faced the Almighty.Ableson smiled at him and handed an envelope to the Servant. “I’ll take him.”  Satcha looked in the envelope.  “Ah, the price for the girl…”Ableson frowned at the Servant but dug in his pocket and handed Satcha a few more bills.  The Servant stuck them in his pocket and opened the cage door, putting a rope around Mutter’s neck. He fisted his hands, fighting the urge to kill both of them, but he’d never make it out of the shelter if he did that.  “Come.”  Ableson yanked on the rope.  “What about her?” asked Satcha.“Do what you want with her.” “But…you already paid….”“If she lives, sell her again, or kill her.  I don’t care.”  Ableson walked toward the door.Mutter refused to look back at the girl, the sacrifice for his freedom.

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Well, I’ll have to say that the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead was better than I expected.  (Let’s be honest.  The Walking Dead episodes which focus on character instead of action/zombies are generally disappointing and boring.  For example:  the episode with Darryl and Beth after they left the jail comes to mind– I’d rather watch and apple turn brown than watch that again.  Fear so far has not been disappointing.  They manage to build the characters without slowing down the story. They have also handled the anticipation of danger very well. There were many times when I sat, tensed, waiting for the dead to come back (like the scene where Nick is tied to the hospital bed and his roommate is not doing well).I have also appreciated the writing.  There are small lines that really carry weight especially since we know what is going on but the characters don’t.  One of my favorite lines is when Nick’s mother tells Travis that she is tired of waiting for a phone call from the morgue (regarding Nick) and he says, “That won’t happen.”  It is a perfectly normal thing for this character to say to the woman he loves and yet, we know that he is absolutely correct, but not in the way that he means.So far, the series is fun.  Let’s hope that the writers and producers don’t ruin it.


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I enjoy the Walking Dead series too, although I think that they could make it a lot better. I’m not familiar with Rick’s leather jacket though. His hat – yes.






Here’s the new author bio for my next book.  Conguise Chronicles: Rise of the River-Man (Mutter’s Story) will be available soon. Let me know what you think of the author bio. L. S. O’Dea sees things a bit differently than most people.  This is probably a bi-product of being the youngest of seven children in a time when TV was only worth watching in the evenings or Saturday mornings and there were no computers.  Back then, kids had to amuse themselves and being five years younger than her closest sibling she was often the unwilling entertainment.Since she was so much younger than her brothers and sisters, it was only reasonable that they knew how to do many things that she could not, such as read and write.  One day, before she started kindergarten, she really wanted to learn how to spell her name.  Her mother was busy cooking or cleaning (she had seven children to care for), so her brothers were instructed to help her.  After she learned how to spell her first and middle name (Linda Sue), she raced into the kitchen to share this new knowledge with her mother.  She was so proud, standing tall and reciting the letters of her name.  L-E-M-O-N H-E-A-D.Her mother was not happy with her brothers and stopped what she was doing to teach Linda the correct way to spell her name. L. S. still receives a box of Lemonhead candy every year for Christmas.
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I struggle with the boredom of my days.  Get up.  Drive the same route to the office.  Have the same conversations and problems at work with the same people.  Come home.  Eat the same type of food every week.  Do the same chores.  Same.  Same.  Same.I don’t want anything too exciting because in my experience that is never good, but I do want different.I decided to try different foods, but didn’t like many of them.  Then I decided to eat in a room other than the kitchen.  Let me be clear, “Burgers in the Bathroom” night did not go over well with my family.
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I was arguing with a teenager the other day.“College isn’t important,” she said.“If you want to make a decent living it is,” I said.“Bill Gates dropped out of college,” she said.“And who does he hire?”
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I went to the grocery store today.   “Did you find everything okay?” asked the cashier. “No, I found everything a little expensive,” I said. Honesty doesn’t always set you free.  Sometimes it delivers an open mouthed, shocked expression.

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This will be a reoccurring topic.  I like to watch TV and movies but I can’t help picking them apart for little plot holes (at least that’s what I call these things) or bad/lazy writing.  Unfortunately, I’ll be posting a lot of these when the Walking Dead starts again.  I love the show, the world, but they could do so much better.  Anyway, that blog is for another day.I’ve been watching the TV series The Last Ship and I love it. Season one was okay with some great episode and some boring episodes.  In season two every episode has been very good.  Let me be clear in the fact that I don’t know much about military protocol (actually, I only know what I’ve seen on TV) so perhaps this show has a lot of bad writing and holes in the story, but for me it has been very entertaining, until last week’s episode.On a side note, I don’t think that the commanding officer would actually be going on all these dangerous missions but I’ll let that slide.  I’ll suspend my disbelief in that case.  The actor who plays Tom Chandler is well cast and is the major character, so we want to see him do things.The episode (Alone and Unafraid) that aired on 7/26/2015, was entertaining but I couldn’t get over one major issue with the story. This series is a post-apocalyptic story where a plague has wiped out most humans in present day earth.  In this episode one of the main “bad” guys, has created more of the virus and wants to get it into the small pockets of survivors.  He is looking for those individuals who are naturally immune.  Okay, that is all fine and dandy, but the way he chose to get the virus into these small, hidden communities is through stuffed animals.  He wants to give the stuffed animal to a child and inside the toy is a vial of virus.  I understand what they are trying to do.  They want the viewer to see how truly evil these people are.  They are not only attacking innocent people but they are doing it through the children.  My problem is that I don’t see how that would work in a post-apocalyptic world.Think about how many stuffed animals your kids have or you had as a kid.  Now, imagine that the world has ended.  People are dying all over and you either flee with your family to a safe zone or stay in your neighborhood and try and make it on your own, scavenging and such.  How many stuffed animals would you allow your children to pack?  Probably one or two.  That would leave at least another 5-10 per child left in a high percentage of houses.  Stuffed animals are not a valuable commodity in a post-apocalyptic world.  Children out scavenging would be wary of strangers (as they should be anyway) and they wouldn’t risk taking a stuffed animal from someone they didn’t know.  A can of food, some medicine, soap, etc., they might take that chance, but a stuffed animal – no.  Again, I understand what the writers were trying to accomplish but they fell short.  They could have used something else, like candy or even a bike.  Now, a bike might be useful during the apocalypse.  It would help you get from point A to point B faster and you don’t need fuel.  Plus, bikes would probably be scavenged by other survivors so they might be scarce.  Truthfully, I’m not sure what they should have used and I’m not going to waste more brain power thinking about this (I have my own plot holes in my stories to catch and fill), but I know that they should have worked a little harder and came up with something a bit more believable than a stuffed animal.

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Posts From Old Website

My old website was a Weebly site and as of today there is no way to import my old blog posts from Weebly to Word Press.  So, I’m going to post them here.

The dates will be off, but the content will be the same.

February 2015





At work we have an intermittent error.  I started to see a pattern on what days it failed and what days it succeeded.  So, now we sit and wait for the failure.  If it fails on schedule (the pattern) then we succeed; so failure is my new success.  Weird huh?

Perhaps I can apply that to other aspects in my life.

I have many failed relationships.  When I look back, those failures were definitely  successes.  I couldn’t imagine being with any of those men long term.

I’ve failed to get many jobs that I applied for.  I am happy where I work now, so those failures were successes in disguise.

I did not get the first house that I tried to get (or the second, third, fourth…).  I love where I live now, so those were also secret successes.

I have failed on my diet many times.  Looking back….nope, that was still a failure.

Okay.  So, I can’t apply it to ALL aspects of my life.



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My very first book.  I love the cover.  All the credit for that goes to Paul Beeley at CreateImaginations. You can check out an excerpt either on the Lake Of Sins: Escape page or by going to Amazon ( Here are what some readers are saying about the book: “I stayed up all night reading this book, and now I’m reading it again. I haven’t been this hooked on a story since The Hunger Games.” — M. Cassidy.  “Lake of Sins: Escape, is a very exciting and intriguing YA Science Fiction novel that can easily pull a reader into its pages, much like how the Rive-Man can pull creatures into the depths of water.  This read is interesting and I have to admit that I’ve never read anything like it before.  Yet, it kept me enthralled until the very last sentence.”  E. L. Ervin”A Young Adult sci-fi/dystopian novel cannot get any better than this.”  Milos Hernandez