Reviews – Lake of Sins: Secrets In Blood


Reviewed by Janelle Fila for Readers’ Favorite

Lake Of Sins: Secrets In Blood by L.S. O’Dea is the second book in an exciting and action packed young adult fantasy series. Trinity lives in a world with different species and classes, different races that have different roles and hierarchies in society. The classes are segregated and have unique individual roles; for example, the class of Almightys believe that all other classes are their servants and are beneath them in every aspect. Trinity is the offspring of two separate classes, something that is supposedly impossible. When she flees for her life, the Almighty Hugh Truent chases after her, looking for the scientific proof of the bonding of two classifications. His discovery would be the discovery of the century. But others are as determined to keep Trinity’s life a secret as Hugh is determined to expose the truth. Trinity’s escape and Hugh’s hunt for her threatens to collide with the segregated groups so much that it could just destroy the fabric that makes up their entire world.

This is a really interesting story, full of adventure and action that is sure to keep any fantasy lover’s attention. The characters are fantastically written and are fun to get to know. The world is gorgeous and interesting, the setting described beautifully, and the adventure throughout the landscape is breathtaking. The author did a nice job making the story and the setting work together to create a book that readers will have a hard time putting down.

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