Currently, I am working on two series:

Lake of Sins and Conguise Chronicles

The Lake of Sins series must be read in order.  The Conguise Chronicles series are stand-alone books.  These will all tell the tales of how characters that you meet in the Lake of Sins series became who and what they are.  (If you’re not familiar with my dark fantasy stories they all have some type of genetic modification in them).

Both series take place in the world of the Lake of Sins where humans are not pure humans and human-animal hybrids roam free.



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    1. Hi Deborah,

      I’m so glad that you like the series. Book 3 is done, but I’m waiting on a cover. The person who designed the covers for the first two books went out of business so I had to find another book cover designer and I had some issues with the first few I hired. I’m really hoping that I’ll hear from the designer soon but with the holidays she may be a bit behind schedule.

      thanks for reaching out.

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