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  1. Really enjoyed the first 2 books in the lake of sins series! When will the 3rd & 4th books be released?
    Thank you and God Bless you

    1. Hi,

      I’m really glad to hear that you enjoyed Escape and Secrets in Blood. It’s always nice to hear from readers. Writing is kind of like living in a bubble – you have no idea what people think unless they leave a review or email you. Thanks for reaching out – it has made my day!

      Book 3: Hangman’s Army should be out in December. I have one more read-through to do which won’t take long but I’m waiting on the book cover to be designed. My original designer is no longer in business so I had to find someone else.

      I’ll be sending out an email when the book is ready for Advanced Readers (those who are willing to read it early and leave a review on Amazon) and then again when it is ready for publication. If you’d like to receive these emails you can join my Readers’ Group (click the link on my website to get your free copy of Secrets In Blood). If you don’t want to join the Readers’ Group, I will also be posting an update on my blog.

      Again, thanks for contacting me and thanks for reading.

      1. Sorry, I forgot to answer about the 4th book. Lake Of Sins: Betrayed should be out in Spring 2017. The entire series is written (in rough draft format). I’m almost ready to send Betrayed to my first round of beta readers – they read one chapter and then we discuss it. It’s a long but fun process.

        thanks again and have a nice weekend (it’s almost here – really, it is).

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